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Electronic Media & Studio

The Department of Electronic Media & Studio strives to develop and inspire your creativity, foster your talents and skills, and empower you to succeed in a constantly changing digital world. EMF provides many opportunities to expand your knowledge and experiences, shape your expressivity, and heighten your understanding and awareness of media, its powerful traditions, and its exciting future.

The department blends communication skills, creativity, critical thinking, and new technologies to help students learn how to navigate a world that has evolved beyond the traditional.

The Department's accomplished faculty, both professional and academic, challenges students to become effective communicators and creators of media content.

Students get hands-on experience in stimulating learning environments. Facilities include a television production lab, a foot video and film studio, a full complement of high definition production facilities, video editing suites, digital labs equipped with state of the art hardware and software, an animation studio, a student-run FM radio station, traditional and digital photography facilities, and more. Internships with local and national employers provide real-world work experiences.

With our diverse set of programs, we teach student how to conceive, create, and manage media content across virtually every platform.

The department offers the undergraduate major in electronic media and film leading to the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree. The department offers courses in video, audio, photography, multimedia production, and film studies.

  • Undergraduate Program
  • Film/Video/Digital Media Concentration
  • Radio/Audio Concentration
  • Film & Media Studies Concentration
  • Video & Film Production
  • Multimedia Journalism
  • New Media Communication
  • Animation
  • Photography
  • Media Management
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