There is no doubt that the most momentous transformation that the world has undergone in recent times has to do with the socio-cultural evolution that is unfolding in what we have come to know as “cyberspace”. In effect, the Internet has created a universe that not only parallels the concrete world that we are used to but that also brings with it altogether new and unprecedented opportunities across all aspects of life. The result, of course, is that it is making amazing contributions to human development – and not just in the developed world but also in developing societies such as ours. Indeed, one can argue, and justifiably so, that cyberspace  provides  a  readily  available  opportunity  by  which  the developing world could leapfrog into the future and “catch up” with the developed world in terms of economic development in spite of the fact that much of that world has not yet undergone a phase of industrialisation in the traditional sense.

Egerton University’s radio station (Egerton Radio) can now be heard anywhere in the world…anytime! This is after it started streaming its broadcast live on the University website as well as on the Zeno Radio App. On the website, the radio which broadcasts on 101.7 FM, is available on

Egerton Radio will host 15 journalism interns who have been selected and placed at the station under the Media Council of Kenya (MCK) paid-up internship programme.

A section of medical professionals in Nakuru county have agreed to work closely with the Faculty of Law Legal Aid Project (FOLLAP) in helping survivors of sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) to access justice.

Beneficiaries of the Faculty of Law Legal Aid Project (FOLLAP) want it to be expanded in order to reach more people.

In a meeting held on Friday 8th October at the CMRT Hall at the Egerton Njoro Campus, the beneficiaries told the FOLLAP team that the project was very helpful to communities and they would like it to be rolled out more to the grassroots.

The Faculty of Law Legal Aid Project (FOLLAP) held a forum with police officers on Friday 15th October 2021, to sensitize them on the law of evidence on gender-based violence (GBV) cases.

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